Neoduction Live

NDLive turns your laptop into an FX rack at low latency.

NDLive turns your laptop into an FX rack at low latency. NDLive is a platform that allows you to safely use the VST NeoductionTools plugins and third parties plugins with the reliability of your regular DAW and the latency of your live mixer.

- It allows using VST 2.4 plugins between our ASIO device inputs and outputs.

- Works with network.

- 32-bit or 64-bit install.

- Selectable sampling frequency.

- Up to 32 real-time processing channels.

- VST delay to adjust channel latency.

- Channel name customizable.

- Recording of all preFX selected channels.

- Input and output channel VU meter.

- General bypass.

NDLive is our new free program of processing live, able to create a host, where you can insert
plugins VST 2.4, between the inputs and outputs of our audio system ASIO.
This includes all of the sound cards that use ASIO andnetwork.
The currently available program is a Beta version and we need your invaluable assistance to polish it and correct the multitude of possible improvements (and mistakes) that we’re sure a smart user like you will discover soon. Allow us to take advantage of your experience to improve our product.

We hope to receive your thoughts and criticisms about our product on

Supported operating systems:

PC: Win 7, Win 8.1, Win 10

Minimum system requirements:

Intel Core i3-550 3.20GHZ
4GB RAM (8GB Recommended)
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